Kino Lwow, Hallera 15

The cinema “Kino Lwow” located near one of the main streets in the city is the perfect alternative for those who wish to watch a movie without any crowd and strange noises coming out from peoples’ mouth while eating popcorn and drinking coke:)

You can find the quality of the picture a little bit low, the sound is not perfect, the seats not so        comfortable and besides that you can freeze while being seated for 1,5 hour. However it’s worth giving it a try!

The main point are movies being played in Kino Lwow which you definitely will not find in commercial multiplexes. Danish, Korean, Chinese,  French, Polish among others…alternative cinema for sure will satisfy needs of every movie fan. The movies are in English with Polish subtitles so you do not have to worry about not understanding the dialogues.

How can you get there?

The best is to jump on the tram (6, 7, 17, 2, 14) and go to Powstancow Slaskich street and get out on the stop named Hallera. Turn into Hallera street and walk for around 100-200 m and you will find the cinema on your right.


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