Jewish Cemetery – Cemetery Art Museum ( Ślężna Street)

Many people walking along the high wall on Ślężna Street may not be even aware what is hidden behind. The Jewish Cemetery is one of the places must-see in Wroclaw. The graves of famous people. The history that goes with every of them. All this makes this place special and very interesting for every history fanatic. After crossing the gate you have the impression the time has stopped there. In fact it has. It does not exist there.

Along with the guide book that you can pick at the entrance, you can walk around and get to know more about every single grave. The number of graves reaches 12.000 so the best is to dedicate some time, even few hours, to explore it all. What distinguish the Jewish cemetery from the others are sepulchral art, unusual ornamentation, beautiful architecture of tombstones and buildings as well as amazing decoration of graves. What can be surprising is the fact, that you can still experience Mauritanian and Egyptian style.

People buried here had written a big part of history of Wroclaw. Bankers, businessmen, activist, artists, painters, scientists, all them in one place, making it unique and special.

Among others you will find:

Ferdinand Lassalle (1825-1864) – founder and leader of the first labour party in Germany,

Clara Sachs (1862-1921) – painter who was creating in impressionism style,

Heinrich Graetz (1817-1891) – creator of historical school, author of the first synthetic history of Jews from the biblical times up to the 19th century,

Friederike Kempner (1828-1904) – novelist known as “Silesian swan” or “Jewish nightingale” due to her ability to use comedy in her lyrics; she fought for human and citizen’s rights,

Auguste and Siegfried Stein (1849-1936 and 1844-1897) – parents of Edyta Stein, known since 1987 as blessed and then since 1998 as Saint Teresa Benedykta of Cross,

Abraham Levy (1817 – 1872) – famous numismatist,

Louis Galewsky (1819-1895) – founder of vodka and liquor distillery producing among others very popular tipple “Breslauer Dom” (“Cathedral of Wroclaw”)

You can enter the cemetery every day from 10.00-18.00. The tickets are 7zl and 5zl (for students).

How to get there?

The cemetery is located at Ślężna  37/39. You can reach there by walk (10 minutes from the bus station) or take a tram number 9 and got out on the stop “Uniwersytet Ekonimiczny”.


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