The tower of St. Elizabeth’s Church

St Elisabeth’s Church, a very interesting Gothic church,  is located in one of the corners of the Market Square, in the center of the city. You can easily recognize and locate it by the high tower.

The best time to visit it is April – May…when the sky is clear and blue and you can enjoy the view of the city of Wroclaw.

Initially, it was one of the tallest churches in Europe with 130 meters of height. Due to many damages, the tower of the church now is around 90 meters tall.

You can climb the tower via small door, that can be found outside, for a small fee.  Smokers can find it a little bit tiring:) However the view of the city its outstanding and worth giving some effort. The Old Town, Market Square, university buildings…as well as mountains in the south that can be seen with the clear sky – all these can be spotted while walking around an observation deck on the top.

Besides that its worth spending some time inside of the church where you can find over 100 tombs of famous Poles, some Gothic artworks and interesting architecture.


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