“Bywalec” Bar, św. Wincentego 11 Street

If you wish to explore the atmosphere of typical “Bar Mleczny” (the correct translation is “Milk Bar”) you can not miss the visit to Bywalec Bar on Świętego Wincentego Street.

This place will give you the feeling that the communist era has not finished yet. From the very entrance you can spot the specific decor, that definitely will not take your breath away, but will rather make you smile or sometimes even scare you. At every table you can find few chairs of different kind and type. One of them wooden, one plastic, the other one metal…just to make the people to have a sit. At every table artificial flowers placed there for the past 15 years.

The menu (polish: Jadłospis) contains Polish food only such us russian dumplings (pl: pierogi ruskie), pork cutlet (pl: kotlet schabowy), potatoes and cabbage (pl: ziemniaki z kapustą) and many others. On the other hand the prices are very cheap, as you can have a good meal for 2-3 euros. You can also be sure the food will be good and fresh as many people eat there. However if you are not a fan of exploring this kind of places, take a look at the food and clientele before you decide to have a meal there.

Another interesting thing is the service. Years ago these bars were self service. You were expected to bring your plates and forks and knives. Nowadays the only thing you have to do, is take the plate with food once its ready and return dirty dishes to the small return window in behind which the lady will wash them.

At Bywalec you will find them two very nice woman, who will smile at you as far as you do not bother them too much. Be sure what you want! Order your food! Have a sit!  Take your food (FORGET that somebody will bring it to you)! Eat it!  Bring the dirty plates back to them, and GO! 🙂 Do not expect anybody to speak English there, so if you don’t have basics to order food make sure you invite some Polish friend over.



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2 responses to ““Bywalec” Bar, św. Wincentego 11 Street

  1. Really creative blog here! Did you think of all of this content yourself or did you have some help? be honest.. lol

  2. Hey, thanks a lot. Its completely my idea and I am glad there are people who like it. I just thought that there are still not enough information about Wroclaw for tourists coming here from abroad, which would be interested in reading in English. I hope you will find lots of useful information and you will enjoy Wroclaw. More to come soon!:)

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