Wyspa Słodowa (Slodowa Island)

The large part of city of Wroclaw is situated on the islands. Many guides call it, the Venice of Eastern Europe. The islands are connected with the mainland with plenty of bridges and overpasses in the number of 117.

The most famous and most visited one is Wyspa Słodowa, which is located in the heart of the city, just in front of the main building of University of Wroclaw alongside with Odra river.

During the day is a great place to have a walk, or just sit on the bench and enjoy the view and the river. At night you can admire the beautiful scenery of highlighted buildings and park full of lamps. You can be sure you will find there many people throughout the entire night, sitting around with their friends, chatting, singing and playing guitar, drinking beer. With the last activity stay careful as drinking beer in Poland is prohibited in a public place and on the island even if its kind of oasis for students, you can get a fine.

There are also many cultural events taking place on the islands such as concerts or students’ festivals. One of the most spectacular event is Noc Świętojańska (Midsummer’s Night – the night of 23/24 of June) with songs, music, dancing as well as huge bonfires all over – all these in the unique scenery in a heart of the city.


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