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Tumski Bridge – The Brigde of Love (Brigde No. 1)

There is a place in the city of Wroclaw, where you can make your love strong and make it last forever. It is difficult to say when this activity started. It is a new tradition (2-3 years old) however  for sure it added this place an extra charm.

The lovers come here,  lock padlocks to “preserve” their love and throw away the key to Odra River. We can find hundreds of padlocks on it, with the names, dates, short messages. It is a perfect place for a walk with your date or friends – advisable to do it in the evening, however it has its charm during the day as well.

The Tumski Bridge connects the island of Ostrów Tumski with Piaskowa Island and it was built in 1889. It has more than 52 meters long and nearly 7 feet wide.

You can find interesting the fact, that on the bridge Tumski there are still antique gas lamps which are manually operated and efficient in lighting the area which gives the place a special atmosphere.


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The Park of Stanislaw Tolpa (Park Stanisława Tołpy)

A small, but very charming park is located within three streets: Nowowiejska, Prusa and Edith Stein. This place for sure will satisfy all needs of park lovers as well as those who wish to walk a little bit among the trees and green grass and run away from the city traffic.

The park has been constructed in the period of 1902 -1907 and it has been pleasing its visitors for more than 100 years now.

Within the park you can find a small pond with a fountain and the small island, which is a remnant of the branch of the River Odra.

In the north-western part, there is a small hill located from which you can have a nice view for the entire area. Besides that just in front, there is the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology and another worth visiting St. Archangel Michale Church.

You can sit on one of the bench, relax, observe the ducks and have your time of pleasure among the greenery. The place its worth to visit during spring time cause of trees bloom beautifully…

You can also camouflage yourself far away from the crowd, on the top of small hill, or just near by the pond with the with for architecure building,  with a bottle of beer or wine…and relax with your friends. However be careful as drinking in public places is not allowed:)

How to get there?

The park is located in the triangle of the three of the following streets: Nowowiejska, Prusa and Edith Stein. It is easy reachable by trams or buses from each of its sides.

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Market Hall (Hala Targowa) at Piaskowa Street

Hala Targowa located near the city center is a very unique and interesting place to shop. It was built in 1906 to organize the trade in the city center. Since it was not destroyed during the Second World War, and straight after the war was reopen for trade again which is taking place till now. Preserved to this day the idea of exhibition hall attracts all those interested in urban architecture, stalls as well as shopping itself.

In the unique and historic interior you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, meat straight from the butcher. Apart from that there are many boutiques with clothes, cosmetics, handbags, fabrics, Chinese articles, unusual jewelry. You can also get your copy of keys done there as well as other handicrafts jobs.

Market Hall is open from Monday till Friday starting from 8 am till 7 pm and Saturday starting from 9am till 3 pm.

How to get there?

Hala Targowa is located on Piaskowa 15 Street, very close to Ostrów Tumski and city center.  You can easily spot it and there is no need to take a tram or bus as it is easily reachable by foot.

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Olds Marketplace “Młyn Sułkowice”

Bazaars and markets are places where you can find many unique items. It is a perfect for all those tired of malls. While in Wroclaw you must visit this one of those magical places full of old stuff, antiquities as well as fresh fruits. There are few which are open throughout the week. Some of them only once in a week (Saturday, Sunday)or even once in a month.

The Olds Market near “Młyn Sułkowice” is open every Sunday. It is advisable to go there in the morning to avoid the crowd and be sure that you get what you search for, as the choice in the morning is bigger.

You can find there used and new bicycles, different sport equipment, old and interesting furniture, clothes, organic food straight from the farmers, electronic equipment, basically everything you can imagine . The market is pretty huge and there are few hundreds stalls to check so be ready to spend there at least few hours to make sure you find what you need.

It is the best place for those of you, who search for a bicycle. You can find there different types, for women, for men, for kids, mountain bikes, city ones, racing ones…so all needs will be satisfied. You can get a used bike in a very good condition for like 200 zl or new one which will be more expensive.

Also be prepare for hard bargaining if you want to get a good deal. Never accept the first price offered by the seller. And go to the next one to see what kind of deal can you get there as the thing of your interest can be available in few different places. It actually can be entertaining and you can have lots of fun while doing it.

How you can get there?

The “Młyn Sułkowice” is located on Poprzeczna Street, just next to CH Korona Mall. You will quickly spot the old building with the huge sign on it stating the name.

From the city center there is a bus D going there. However the bus stop of the bus D is located pretty far away and you have to walk for 10 minutes. It is more convenient to reach Plac Grunwaldzki which is connected with the entire city, and then take bus 131 or 141 and get out on Brücknera stop, and the market will be just in front of it.

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