Tumski Bridge – The Brigde of Love (Brigde No. 1)

There is a place in the city of Wroclaw, where you can make your love strong and make it last forever. It is difficult to say when this activity started. It is a new tradition (2-3 years old) however  for sure it added this place an extra charm.

The lovers come here,  lock padlocks to “preserve” their love and throw away the key to Odra River. We can find hundreds of padlocks on it, with the names, dates, short messages. It is a perfect place for a walk with your date or friends – advisable to do it in the evening, however it has its charm during the day as well.

The Tumski Bridge connects the island of Ostrów Tumski with Piaskowa Island and it was built in 1889. It has more than 52 meters long and nearly 7 feet wide.

You can find interesting the fact, that on the bridge Tumski there are still antique gas lamps which are manually operated and efficient in lighting the area which gives the place a special atmosphere.


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