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Iglica in front of Centennial Hall

Iglica (means “spire” or “needle”) is a monument, a needle-like located in Wroclaw, just in front of Centennial Hall. Initially it was 106 meters tall, now, after renovation the top 10 meters were removed.

It was built in 1948, by Polish Communists for an exhibition to celebrate receiving the control over the “Regained Territories” after World War II.

The location was chosen by purpose, to take away the attention from the Centennial Hall built by Germans.

The past:

Originally Iglica was topped by shield of mirrors rotating and giving it a look of umbrella. At night it was giving amazing light effects. Just before the official inauguration the construction was destroyed by lightnings. The remnants were removed after few months by two climbing enthusiasts. They used still unknown in Poland these days sub sequences technique using ropes and loops, now widely used to overcome the vertical walls.The climbing took them more than 24h plus 6h of dismantling.

Iglica was renovated in the past in horizontal position, in 1964 and 1979.

Interesting Events:

There were few interesting events happening During the martial law, a man climbed up and hanged the banner of banned union Solidarity (NSZZ Solidarność). In 2007, Iglica turned into Europe’s highest Christmas tree. At the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, a group of members from association “Young Wroclaw”hanged the Tibetan flag, in solidarity with people from Tibet persecuted by Chinese authorities.

Small Iglica on Plac Solny:

You can find the second, much smaller Iglica set in the central of Plac Solny (Salt Square), just next to market square. It was placed there in 1996.


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St. John of Nepomuk (Swiety Jan Nepomucen Church), Szczytnicki Park

Walking around Szczytnicki Park you will be surprised by finding a small beautiful wooden church just in the middle, behind Pergola area and nearby to Japanese Garden.

It is St. John of Nepomuk church, built at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Designer and artist who created it is unknown.

The church was moved to Szczytnicki Park in 1913 from Kędzierzyn. During the installation in new place the walls were exchanged and arcades reconstructed.

Again it was renovated in 1966.

It is definitely a nice place to see while having a walk in the park. Unfortunately there is no option of seeing the interior  but still it is worth visiting it and look at it from outside.

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Have a seat! – Funny Armchair Sculpture in Slowacki Park

If you are tired after walking around the city, have a seat next to the lady. Another funny and interesting example of urban art in Wroclaw (by Anna and Ryszard Zmorskich).

Two modern sculptures show two armchairs, one empty, the other one occupied by woman.

Even it seems that the lady is definitely not interested in a person sitting next to her, the name of the composition is “Waiting” (pl. Oczekiwanie), which means that she is still waiting for somebody.

Maybe even for you???

You can find this modern sculpture in Słowacki Park, just in front of National Museum building.

How to find the sculpture?

The sculpture is located in Slowacki Park, just in front of National Museum. The park is located in between following streets: Slowackiego, Modrzewskiego, Purkyniego. You can reach there walking from the center as it will take you 5 to 10 minutes and on the way you can visit such a buildings like Architecture Museum, Panorama Raclawicka building and other interesting sculptures located in the park.

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Tower of Cathedral Church on Ostrów Tumski

              Not everybody knows that there is an option to see Ostrów Tumski island along with the city from the top of the Cathedral Church.

The left tower is open for entrance so it is a perfect spot to admire amazing view. It is better to make sure the weather is ok, to have a good visibility.

When you enter the church from the main entrance go to the left and follow the signs. There is a lift which will take you up, so you will not get tired for sure.

View is amazing: the streets of Ostrów Tumski, churches, river, parks, islands, monastery buildings and gardens.

The cost to enter the tower is 5 zloty and it is opened entire year.

The history was brutal for the Cathedral Church Towers. Fire in 1540 and 1759 burnt the towers done. Then in last days of  World War II due to heavy bombing and siege by Red Army the Cathedral was almost entirely destroyed (about 70% of the construction).  The towers have been completely rebuilt in 1991 along with the renovation of interior.

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Pergola in Wroclaw

Pergola in Wroclaw is built in the shape of half an ellipse. It was constructed in the early twentieth century around the pound with the fountain in the similar shape. It is located at the north-east side of Centennial Hall in east part of the city, in front of exhibition pavilion.

Pergola contains two rows of concrete pillars topped with grating on which you can spot vines. The length of Pergola is around 640 meters and it has in total 750 concrete pillars (still have to count to check if its true!)

The pound surrounded by Pergola is another interesting thing! During the summer, every single day you can watch amazing shows of the multi-media Fountain eqquipped with 300 jets, using lights and sound effects. For a change during the winter time, you can equip yourself in skates and go there for ice-skating as it is turned into ice rink.

It is a perfect place for Sunday walk with your family and friends. You can sit in the nearby cafeteria with the view on Pergola pond. Have a beer and grilled sausage in one of the bar located next to it.

Beside that in the vicinity of Pergola there is Japanese Garden along with the Szczytnicki Park.

How to get there?

As it is pretty out of the city, take a bus or tram (145, 146, 0, 1, 2, 10) and get out on the stop HALA STULECIA. Pergola is located just behind it.

You can also take a bicycle and have a nice ride within the park.

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Horse Sculpture on Szewska Street

Do Wroclaw have a sculpture of a horse?

Oh yeah!

Another incredible installation that you should not miss is the HORSE located on Szewska street. I have spotted it one day from the tram and next time I decided to jump out and have a closer look what is it all about.

I really liked the idea and I guess you will find it interesting.

Why horse?

As one of the author says: “Cause its a friend of people!” Apart from that in the past it was an often visitor on Szewska street.

The sculpture does not present the real horse. It is a multi-elemnent composition of a horse with a rider’s torso and additional, few pair of legs.

This is another example of the art presence in urban space that Wroclaw as a city is promoting and doing descent job.

How can you find the Horse?

The horse is located on Szewska Street where it cross with Wita Stwosza. You can simply walk from Market Square. You can also spot it while passing with tram number 6 and 7, on your right hand side.

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“Train to Heaven” on Strzegomski Square

“Train to Heaven” installation for sure will find interest of those who are into urban art. The sculpture is located on Strzegomski Square (Plac Strzegomski) and it shows real old steam locomotive.

The installation was set up in spring 2010. It has aprox 30 meters height and has a weight of nearly 70 tons. The antique locomotive was bought from the museum in Jaworzyna Slaska.

The locomotive is mounted vertically on a strong foundation. From the chimney there will be you can spot a drift of dry ice to give illusion of a real smoke. The whole sculpture is effectively illuminated so it is advisable to see it during at night as well.

The concept of the installation refers to the rich tradition of the locomotive industry that grew rapidly in the area of Wroclaw. Artistic styling of locomotive and its history connects the past (area of old locomotive factory) to its future.

For sure the “Train To Heaven” is building the next stop on artistic city map.

How do you find it?

“Train to Heaven” installation is located on Plac Strzegomski. You can either walk there from the center (it should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes of walk) or jump on the bus, take 2-3 stops and get out on Plac Strzegomski stop. You will easily spot it as it is placed in the center of the square.

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