Water City Tour on Odra River

Wroclaw is known as city located on the water with many islands and canals. If you wish to discover the city from different perspective take a boat ride and see what you haven’t seen till now.

It is also a good idea to spend your birthday or anniversary in an unconventional way as many companies offered their boats for parties and gatherings with music and catering.

So jump on the boat and fall in love with Wroclaw again!!!

You can take a boat from few different Marinas located in different parts of Wroclaw. So you can choose from:

Marina  Cardinal (pl. Przystań Kardynalska)
Located near Bulwar Włostowica on Wyspa Piaskowa near Ostrów Tumski. The walking promenade was built in 1998 after the flood in 1997. You can find there a plaque stating the date of the flood of the century as well as the level of the water.

Marina Zwierzyniecka (pl.Przystań Zwierzyniecka)
The marina was established in 1963. It is situated on Wróblewski Street in the neighborhood of the Zoological Garden, Zwierzyniecki Bridge and the People’s Hall.

Marina ZOO (pl. Przystań ZOO)
Established in 1906. The marina is located on the back of the Zoo Garden, near the terrarium building at the second entrance to the Zoo, Japanese Gate. Starting from the ship, there is the possibility of early entry to the Zoo. There is a possibility of quick entrance to the Garden while getting out of the boat.

Marina  Market Hall (pl. Przystań Hala Targowa)
Established in 1902. For many years the marina served for passenger-cargo transportation. It is located on Bulwar X. Dunikowskiego near Market Hall (pl. Hala Targowa), 200 meters away from Racławice Panoram (pl. Panorama Racławicka). It is in use for passengers since 1995.


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