“Train to Heaven” on Strzegomski Square

“Train to Heaven” installation for sure will find interest of those who are into urban art. The sculpture is located on Strzegomski Square (Plac Strzegomski) and it shows real old steam locomotive.

The installation was set up in spring 2010. It has aprox 30 meters height and has a weight of nearly 70 tons. The antique locomotive was bought from the museum in Jaworzyna Slaska.

The locomotive is mounted vertically on a strong foundation. From the chimney there will be you can spot a drift of dry ice to give illusion of a real smoke. The whole sculpture is effectively illuminated so it is advisable to see it during at night as well.

The concept of the installation refers to the rich tradition of the locomotive industry that grew rapidly in the area of Wroclaw. Artistic styling of locomotive and its history connects the past (area of old locomotive factory) to its future.

For sure the “Train To Heaven” is building the next stop on artistic city map.

How do you find it?

“Train to Heaven” installation is located on Plac Strzegomski. You can either walk there from the center (it should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes of walk) or jump on the bus, take 2-3 stops and get out on Plac Strzegomski stop. You will easily spot it as it is placed in the center of the square.


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