Horse Sculpture on Szewska Street

Do Wroclaw have a sculpture of a horse?

Oh yeah!

Another incredible installation that you should not miss is the HORSE located on Szewska street. I have spotted it one day from the tram and next time I decided to jump out and have a closer look what is it all about.

I really liked the idea and I guess you will find it interesting.

Why horse?

As one of the author says: “Cause its a friend of people!” Apart from that in the past it was an often visitor on Szewska street.

The sculpture does not present the real horse. It is a multi-elemnent composition of a horse with a rider’s torso and additional, few pair of legs.

This is another example of the art presence in urban space that Wroclaw as a city is promoting and doing descent job.

How can you find the Horse?

The horse is located on Szewska Street where it cross with Wita Stwosza. You can simply walk from Market Square. You can also spot it while passing with tram number 6 and 7, on your right hand side.


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