Tower of Cathedral Church on Ostrów Tumski

              Not everybody knows that there is an option to see Ostrów Tumski island along with the city from the top of the Cathedral Church.

The left tower is open for entrance so it is a perfect spot to admire amazing view. It is better to make sure the weather is ok, to have a good visibility.

When you enter the church from the main entrance go to the left and follow the signs. There is a lift which will take you up, so you will not get tired for sure.

View is amazing: the streets of Ostrów Tumski, churches, river, parks, islands, monastery buildings and gardens.

The cost to enter the tower is 5 zloty and it is opened entire year.

The history was brutal for the Cathedral Church Towers. Fire in 1540 and 1759 burnt the towers done. Then in last days of  World War II due to heavy bombing and siege by Red Army the Cathedral was almost entirely destroyed (about 70% of the construction).  The towers have been completely rebuilt in 1991 along with the renovation of interior.


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