City Bike System now in Wroclaw

For all bicycles lovers, now there is an option to rent a bike and ride around the city. This can be a perfect option for those of you, who would like to see the entire city and all the interesting places but do not have too much time.

Instead of walking around, or taking tram or bus, now you can take a bicycle and the only thing you may need is the map.

The network is very good and there are lots of renting points all over the city so you can pick them and leave at the nearest most convenient point.

Make sure you do not keep it for longer than 12h to avoid paying the fine. The first 20 minutes are free. First hour costs us 2 zloty, the next one 4 zloty.

The list of rent/return points you can find below:

1. Rynek zachodnia pierzeja  

2. Wita Stwosza

3. pl. Uniwersytecki

4. pl. Dominikański

5. pl. Nankiera/Hala Targowa

6. pl. Jana Pawła II

7. pl. Orląt Lwowskich

8. Arkady na ul. Świdnickiej/Piłsudskiego

9. Świdnicka – okolice przejścia Świdnickiego

10. pl. Bema

11. pl. Grunwaldzki Kredka i Ołówek

12. pl. Grunwaldzki – ul. Polaka

13. pl. Grunwaldzki – akademik Dwudziestolatka

14. Gmach Główny Politechniki Wrocławskiej, wyb. Wyspiańskiego

15. ul. Smoluchowskiego/Łukasiewicza

16. Wittiga

17. Dworzec Główny PKP

How does it work??

In front of the terminal we can authorize the transaction using telephone number (which is also our number identification) or, optionally, urbancard card or contactless card. We get a SMS code to enter to the security cable and detachable bike.

We return it by plugging in the electric lock on any station, and fastening the cable. If you used the card, once again you have to approach the reader with it.

If the station does not have any free places, we can clip the rope to a busy bike rack, or even to a nearby bench. Each bike has a chip that reads the terminal within a few meters. So do not freak out if you see there is no space on the station and just attach it close enough.


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