Life in Wroclaw – tips how to survive – part 1

So you are here in Wroclaw. Most probably for work, or for student exchange. Both reasons mean you will stay here for a while. You will become part of this city, and this city will become part of you.

It is not easy in the beginning to find yourself in this non-English speaking country. You try to talk some basic Polish with an old lady in KIOSK and she replies with a confidence in Polish which you do not get at all. You hope that young lady walking nearby will help you with getting a ticket and instead of that she opens her mouth widely and still nothing. Then you go to the market square and you get into conversation with some random, old guy, dressed in a bad way, smelling alcohol asking you with perfect English for a change so he will buy a beer.Crazy world, isn’t?

Still most of the people can speak English, so you should not face a problems with communication. Keep on trying and be patient.

Wroclaw from its touristic side has not much to offer. Comparing to Krakow, Prague or Barcelona, where you need one week to really discover the city, here one or two days and you can tick the city. BUT…yeah…there is a BIG BUT. You have to stay a little bit longer to feel unique atmosphere. You will love the fact that walking around the market square you do not have to make the road free for millions of tourists, clicking everything with their cameras and following the tourist guide carrying umbrella. From time to time you crash to German or Italian group of 20-30 people and that is it. The amount of tourist still does not kill the spirit. Which is a HUGE plus to the city!

Life here is still relatively cheap. You can get a room for 150-200 euros  per month for rent. If you are student, you might be interested in getting a room in a student dormitory where the life goes by its own. If you are party animal, art and culture lover, you like concerts starting from heavy metal to pop music, exhibitions is the place where you rush after office – Wroclaw is the place to be.

Most of the clubs are located in market square or in area of 5 minutes of walk. The amount of them you can visit in one night can be limited only by a speed you drink your beer with in each of the club. Then it is also great to move out a little bit out of the market square which during the academic year can be a killer with the amount of students. Go to Bogusławskiego street (located along the rail track) with amazing amount of small pubs and restaurants. Then Browar Mieszczański with its atmosphere and urban style is a place to visit. Place that is also very interesting is Włodkowica street, very close to market square, though also very crowded and popular. During the summer you will find beer spots on Wyspa Słodowa as well as a beach on Przystań Zwierzyniecka near ZOO garden. And in ZOO garden you can also spend entire day and have a seat in one of the bars located inside.

Besides beer shops, you may be also interested in nice and cheap food. Galeria Italiana, located 100 meters from Rynek (on Więzienna street) offers good and affordable food which will satisfy every stomach (check Cegielnia, Spinacz, Capri restaurants). Then on Włodkowica street, just in the vicinity of Jewish Synagogue, you will find nice and good Jewish restaurant, “Sarah”. If you re fan of sushi, go to Kyoto Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. From Monday to Thursday starting from 6 pm they have nice offer, eat as much as you can for 45 zlotych! And since sushi is still pretty new in Poland in other places you will find it pretty expensive.

City has a big potential and good offer to satisfy everybody. The above is just a quick overview to give you idea where to start!


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