About Experience Wroclaw


Coming to Wroclaw for the first time? Only for few days? It can happen that you will not find anything special in this city, nothing particular. However you can be sure that living here for a while, will make you want to stay forever.

City offers many different attractions starting from clubs, pubs for the party animals, restaurants, each one with specific atmosphere and nice local cuisine. Apart from that there are many tourists attractions that everybody will truly appreciate while walking around. Some of them are described in city guides, some of them are famous because of the history, some of them are just special and unique.

The purpose of this blog is to take you around the city and discover places which makes Wroclaw unique and worth spending here some time.It will give you an overview on what to do and where to go. It will give you the feeling of WrocLove.

Have a great time while reading and rooming around…and let us know…if you Love it or Not…and we are sure you will!

Experience Wroclaw will show you the other, unknown face of Wroclaw. We will take you around to discover undiscovered.

We write about places which are covered with the history and destroyed by the time but still have amazing spirit and atmosphere. Old cinemas, restaurants and bar where you can sit and eat in the atmosphere from 20-30 years ago, beer pubs, concerts and markets, old buildings, abandoned places…

All this at one place…at https://experiencewroclaw.wordpress.com


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