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Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is located in the Szczytnicki Park, near Centennial Hall (Hala Ludowa). It is one of the few traces of the World Exhibition of 1913.  Japanese experts, present there since 1996 made sure that all details correspond to the original Japanese garden art.

It became an unique place in this part of the world, demonstrating a real piece of Japanese culture.

The best time to visit is spring or autumn, due to spectacular view of colors of plants and flowers. Garden is opened daily from 1st of April till 31st of October from 9.00 till 19.00. There is a small entry charge.


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St. John of Nepomuk (Swiety Jan Nepomucen Church), Szczytnicki Park

Walking around Szczytnicki Park you will be surprised by finding a small beautiful wooden church just in the middle, behind Pergola area and nearby to Japanese Garden.

It is St. John of Nepomuk church, built at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Designer and artist who created it is unknown.

The church was moved to Szczytnicki Park in 1913 from Kędzierzyn. During the installation in new place the walls were exchanged and arcades reconstructed.

Again it was renovated in 1966.

It is definitely a nice place to see while having a walk in the park. Unfortunately there is no option of seeing the interior  but still it is worth visiting it and look at it from outside.

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Have a seat! – Funny Armchair Sculpture in Slowacki Park

If you are tired after walking around the city, have a seat next to the lady. Another funny and interesting example of urban art in Wroclaw (by Anna and Ryszard Zmorskich).

Two modern sculptures show two armchairs, one empty, the other one occupied by woman.

Even it seems that the lady is definitely not interested in a person sitting next to her, the name of the composition is “Waiting” (pl. Oczekiwanie), which means that she is still waiting for somebody.

Maybe even for you???

You can find this modern sculpture in Słowacki Park, just in front of National Museum building.

How to find the sculpture?

The sculpture is located in Slowacki Park, just in front of National Museum. The park is located in between following streets: Slowackiego, Modrzewskiego, Purkyniego. You can reach there walking from the center as it will take you 5 to 10 minutes and on the way you can visit such a buildings like Architecture Museum, Panorama Raclawicka building and other interesting sculptures located in the park.

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Pergola in Wroclaw

Pergola in Wroclaw is built in the shape of half an ellipse. It was constructed in the early twentieth century around the pound with the fountain in the similar shape. It is located at the north-east side of Centennial Hall in east part of the city, in front of exhibition pavilion.

Pergola contains two rows of concrete pillars topped with grating on which you can spot vines. The length of Pergola is around 640 meters and it has in total 750 concrete pillars (still have to count to check if its true!)

The pound surrounded by Pergola is another interesting thing! During the summer, every single day you can watch amazing shows of the multi-media Fountain eqquipped with 300 jets, using lights and sound effects. For a change during the winter time, you can equip yourself in skates and go there for ice-skating as it is turned into ice rink.

It is a perfect place for Sunday walk with your family and friends. You can sit in the nearby cafeteria with the view on Pergola pond. Have a beer and grilled sausage in one of the bar located next to it.

Beside that in the vicinity of Pergola there is Japanese Garden along with the Szczytnicki Park.

How to get there?

As it is pretty out of the city, take a bus or tram (145, 146, 0, 1, 2, 10) and get out on the stop HALA STULECIA. Pergola is located just behind it.

You can also take a bicycle and have a nice ride within the park.

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The Park of Stanislaw Tolpa (Park Stanisława Tołpy)

A small, but very charming park is located within three streets: Nowowiejska, Prusa and Edith Stein. This place for sure will satisfy all needs of park lovers as well as those who wish to walk a little bit among the trees and green grass and run away from the city traffic.

The park has been constructed in the period of 1902 -1907 and it has been pleasing its visitors for more than 100 years now.

Within the park you can find a small pond with a fountain and the small island, which is a remnant of the branch of the River Odra.

In the north-western part, there is a small hill located from which you can have a nice view for the entire area. Besides that just in front, there is the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology and another worth visiting St. Archangel Michale Church.

You can sit on one of the bench, relax, observe the ducks and have your time of pleasure among the greenery. The place its worth to visit during spring time cause of trees bloom beautifully…

You can also camouflage yourself far away from the crowd, on the top of small hill, or just near by the pond with the with for architecure building,  with a bottle of beer or wine…and relax with your friends. However be careful as drinking in public places is not allowed:)

How to get there?

The park is located in the triangle of the three of the following streets: Nowowiejska, Prusa and Edith Stein. It is easy reachable by trams or buses from each of its sides.

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